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Spring into Summer Calendar Raffle - 2018

June 1st - Avery Barthel and Joyce Hageness

June 2nd- Megan Ochs and Dave Swan

June 3rd- Dawn Frase and Kathryn MacLaughlin

June 4th- Alan Bykowski and Lisa Vercauteren

June 5th- Brian Kellett and Carrie Johnson

June 6th- Tammy Jaenke and Andy & Alyssa Engedal

June 7th- Libby & Kelly Hiebert, and Sally Carlson

June 8th- Jim & Alison Wold, and Mike Wittenberg

June 9th- Tara Pedriana and Justin Supri

June 10th- Mary Milton and Tyler Schulz

June 11th- Richette Elmhurst and Chloe Major

June 12th- Kathy Picciurro and Chelsey Strand

June 13th- Bob Laden and John & Kate Berg

June 14th- Susan Lanigan and Connie Fick Weber

June 15th- David Husby and Jeff Feira

June 16th- Bill Bethke and Anna Nielsen

June 17th- Jean Romsos and Maggie O'Reily

June 18th- Bob Laden and Avery Barthel

June 19th- Carol Sumner and Jane Hilgedick

June 20th- Brenda Harvey and Luke Larson

June 21st- Kay Rogers and Jay Brouwer

June 22nd- Peggy Gard and Tina Ochs

June 23rd- Lori Prudlick and Kevin Frank

June 24th- Micheal Rudd and Ann Bolz

June 25th- Denise Wurtzel Michael Cyr


Earlier Event: December 14
Holiday Concert featuring Warren Petryk