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Our facility is nestled in the country setting with open indoor and outdoor areas for the dogs. They can meander from an old couch in our living room to a comfy chair in the back room. The dozen or so dogs who grace Bob's House at any one time freely interact and play with each other or nap together. We accompany a nurturing and comfortable environment with personal attention for each of our guests. We cater to senior dogs only.

How is Bob's House different from a shelter?


All of our guests are fostered for area shelters and rescues. We cannot take private surrenders. They are dogs with special medical needs, elderly dogs, and dogs who cannot tolerate the sometimes stressful conditions of a regular shelter. All dogs in our care have been temperament tested and are likely well socialized.

Where do the dogs come from?


Our facility is very unique because we operate on donations and fundraisers only. We do not receive any funding from the shelters or rescues that we provide foster care for. We also provide food, medical and exemplary care for our residents.

How is Bob's House funded?


We are a cage-free facility, which means that our dogs become very excited when visitors are here. We do have to make sure that we have more than one person to assist the adoption coordinator, so we introduce the dogs in a very controlled manner.

Why do i have to setup an appointment to visit Bob's House?


Each dog is from a different facility, so the animals' adoption processes, and fees are not consistent. Depending on which dog you are inquiring about, our adoption coordinator will assist you in filing the correct application.

How do i adopt a dog from Bob's House?

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