"It always touches me when I read what others post about a dog that was abandoned, fostered by Bob's House, and then becomes "everybody's" dog. I wish these guys & gals at Bob's House knew how many people were rooting for them & how many people hurt when they pass away... Heidi went from having no one, to having all of you."

- Danica M.L.


While the first goal of Bob's House is to pair the dogs with their forever home, there are cases where it is not possible to place them in homes. These dogs are currently residing at Bob’s House under the Dying With Dignity program.  This program provides End of life care for terminally ill dogs, or dogs of advanced age.  Instead of being euthanized immediately after being placed in a shelter, these dogs come to Bob’s House where we show them what love is all about.  We provide them with the utmost comforts of home, plenty of love and euthanize when the time is right.  


Current Residents of Bob's House Family

To see previous hospice residents of Bob's House, please veiw our Dying With Dignity Memorial Wall

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