The needs of our animal companions & the community are constantly changing - so our intitatives are always evolving to ensure that we are providing the best service possible.



We have outgrown our current building and would be able to better serve the senior, disabled, puppy mill survivor and hospice dogs with an additional building. We are also dreaming of a cat jungle to foster senior cats for area shelters.

Building for the future


Volunteers bring Bob’s House residents to area nursing facilities to visit the elderly.



Dogs coming into Bob’s House for Dogs almost always have poor dental conditions due to advanced age and poor diet/care.  Dogs receive necessary teeth cleaning and extractions of broken/cavity filled teeth.



Come and Play

Young persons visit Bob’s House to learn about our mission and see that senior dogs make great companions.  Bob’s House maintains a steady stream of group visits and tours.  If interested in bringing a group to Bob’s House, please call our center to set up an appointment:  (715)878-4505


This program sustains our general medical fund.  Senior dogs often need a variety of medical treatments and/or procedures to maintain the quality of their lives.  The general medical fund pays for general veterinary care and any non-emergency medical procedures.



End of life care for terminally ill dogs, or dogs of advanced age.  Instead of being euthanized immediately after being placed in the shelter, these dogs come to Bob’s House where we show them what love is all about! We provide them with the utmost comforts of home, plenty of love and euthanize when the time is right.  Dogs in this program have some of the following ailments:  Cancer, advanced diabetes, congestive heart failure, seizures, kidney failure, advanced join dysplasia, etc…



Permanent foster program where Bob’s House for Dogs becomes a permanent home for residents that qualify under the criteria of extreme medical cases, severe anxiety, or otherwise disabling condition rendering the dog un-adoptable.  Dogs under this program will receive high quality food, meticulous healthcare and a home to call their own for the remainder of their days.

Here to Stay


Dogs need all of the comforts of home.  Removing dogs from area shelters and placing them in a home environment makes them more adoptable.  During their stay we provide them with meticulous medical care, high quality food, and all the love and attention they deserve.



This is a walking trail outside of Bob’s House to allow our residents to walk without being on the busy road. “Chico’s Trail” has been carved out, but is in desperate need of base-course/gravel to smooth out trail, making walking easier for the senior residents that will be using it.


You can support our programs and mission by donating to Bob's House!